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Be Kind

We have all seen movies or television shows where someone says very mean things to someone else and tries to sound very clever. It has turned into a cruel contest of who can think up the most smart-alecky cutting remark, and bring the other person down to size.

Here is what we at have to say about that: Yeech! We are sorry for such an unladylike remark, but really, that is not very gracious behavior for a princess or even a lady.

If you have ever been at the cruel end of remark, you know how bad it feels, even if you have deserved it. So why do it to another? To let them know they did not win? To let them know you did win? Tell us, is that the kind of planet you want to live on? Not us.

Kindness is simple. Even to the snobbiest in the class, you can find something complimentary to say. Nice dress, good color shirt, great shoes, you have a great smile, things like that. Or, if you really don’t want to say anything, then walk away. Don’t get caught up in the pettiness and contribute to it. Be the one who uses kindness. Easier said than done? Yes. But worth working at, don’t you think?

You can always simply help someone who needs it, either by tutoring, being a friend, volunteering after school, good heavens, help is needed everywhere, and cruel remarks are not. You choose!